What is ALGEE From Mental Health First Aid?

Mental Health International First Aid (MHFA) uses the ALGEE acronym model to help Mental Health First Aiders engage individuals who are experiencing mental health difficutlies.

What is algee?

A - Approach

Know who to approach the individual in the right way, in an appropriate manner and at an appropriate time, and how to assess individuals for potential risk of self-harm or suicide for urgent attention such as calling 999.

L - Listen

Know how to communicate with the individual, to help them explain what they are experiencing, without judgement or pressure. Some counselling approaches also refer to techniques such as active listening or reflective listenting, to help the individual convey their issues.

G - Give reassurance

Know how to help individuals understand that they are not alone, provide hope and appropriate words of support.

E - Encourage professional help

Know how to signpost and direct individuals to the right resources, so that they can get the help they need.

Mental Health First Aid is about helping individuals to get the right support, rather than trying to solve the problems directly. Being a Mental Health First Aider does not mean you are a qualified health practitioner or counsellor.

E - Encourage self help.

Encourage individuals to engage in support networks and to develop a self-care plan.

Training Courses Mental Health First Aid AND CHampions

For more information, why not book onto one of our managing employee mental health training course.

In addition to considering Mental Health First Aid, which can be useful in emergency situations, we also look at what can be done before those situations to reduce the risk of the emergency occuring, and what can be done afterwards to help manage the individual at work.