Employee Workplace mental health training Courses

Mental Health Champions

Could your organisation benefit from increased employee mental health training, staff mental health awareness and mental health champions?

Our Workplace Mental Health training course can help you and your colleagues understand the impact that mental health can have on your organisation, how to create a culture to better manage employee mental health, how to identify employees with mental health issues and how to help them get them help they need.

We can also provide bespoke training courses, specific to the needs of your organisation. Call 0800 292 2126 for details.

Workplace mental health champion training agenda

Our packed one day course is divided into Psychological and Organisational components.


  • What is mental health?

  • Mental health issues and symptoms.

  • Approaches for self care and referalls.


  • Legal considerations and industry standards.

  • Front line management including Mental Health First Aid.

  • Organisational management.

The psychological module may be more relevant to managers and staff across the organisation, and can be delivered as a stand alone half day of training.

1 hour and 2 hour "Introduction to Mental Health" modules are also availab.e

All training can be adjusted to fit your organisation, or combined with specialist consultancy support to help deliver organisational controls.

Mental Health Training Dates

We currently have spaces available on the follow dates:

To be notified of future availability or to book in-house training, contact us here: